About Us

J.A. Montgomery delivers industry-leading safety and risk control programs to local governments. Our approach is rooted in best practices driven by years of experience and professional relationships.

An Exclusive Focus on Public Entities
Local governments are our business. We are the primary safety resource for nearly 500 municipalities, water and sewer utilities, emergency response agencies, and counties in the state of New Jersey and beyond. Specifically, in New Jersey, J. A. Montgomery serves as the Safety Director for:

  • 16 municipal Joint Insurance Funds (JIFs)
  • 10 County Insurance Fund Commissions
  • The Municipal Excess Liability Joint Insurance Fund (NJMEL)
  • The New Jersey County Excess Liability fund (NJCEL)

This exclusive focus on public entities gives the team at J.A. Montgomery a unique and valuable perspective into the specific safety and risk opportunities and challenges facing our clients.

A Dedicated, Experienced and Knowledgeable Team
All of our team members are solely dedicated to servicing local government accounts. We understand that a local government entity’s needs are never satisfied by a “one-size-fits-all” solution. With this in mind, we regularly monitor staff assignments and consult with Fund Executive Directors to streamline staffing and access to solutions.

Our Risk Control Consultants work with multiple Joint Insurance Funds to get a complete grasp of unique liability exposures and staff while fostering better shared best practices.

A Trusted Partner
Local governments are in constant operation, and safety never takes a day off. We understand that. That’s why we make sure clients can always contact us in case of an emergency – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our consultants have attended countless safety committee and JIF Executive Committee meetings and have a full arsenal of ideas and insights to offer whenever they’re needed.

Relevant and Up-to-the-minute Expertise
J.A. Montgomery team members make it a priority to stay current on a host of evolving New Jersey laws and regulations.

  • Local Public Contracts Law
  • Local Fiscal Affairs Law
  • Local Budget Law
  • The Open Public Meetings Act
  • The Open Public Records Act
  • Local Government Ethics Act
  • Regulations from the NJ Department of Community Affairs
  • Regulations NJ Department of Banking and Insurance

J.A. Montgomery representatives regularly attend Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health (PEOSHA) Advisory Board meetings. We know how regulators talk and what they’re focused on. We can offer clients direct access to the latest changes to regulations, points of emphasis and PEOSHA inspection trends.

Our team maintains a professional relationship with a number of other organizations and key stakeholders in the world of risk management and safety.

  • NJ State Association of Chiefs of Police
  • NJ State Industrial Safety Committee
  • Local chapters of the American Society of Safety Engineer

All of our staff members are required to complete professional training seminars in order to remain current on safety standards and emerging issues affecting local government.

  • Playground safety
  • Work zone safety (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices regulations)
  • Right to Know
  • Indoor Air Quality