Right To Know Services

J.A. Montgomery employs a full time staff devoted to assisting our clients in complying with the NJ Department of Health and federal requirements under the “Right to Know” program, including:

  • Right to Know labeling and inventory surveys
  • Compliance reviews including:
  • Review of the municipality’s central file for completeness
  • Verification of MSDS’s with current inventory
  • Entering chemical inventory data into the NJ Department of Health Right to know online filing system portal.
  • Review and verification of employee training lists.
  • Verification of Hazardous Substance fact sheets
  • Review of procedures with municipal staff
  • Check labels for compliance and produce labels as needed
  • Provide training as required to municipal staff members and supervisors
  • Provide access to and instruction on the use of the use of a Central File Drop Box for RTK information
  • Other duties as requested, including providing updates on any changes in the law or regulations